Growing up in the 80’s in a small country town in the UK, I have many childhood memories of running down by the river, mucking around by the salt marshes, riding my bike around the block until the street lights came on, “knocking” for friends to come and play a few streets away, visiting local forests with a group of kids (all of us under 10 years old with the youngest being 3!!) going on adventures for hours and doing many of these things with little to no adult supervision. I can remember how I felt and what this freedom gave me. I felt trusted and responsible which in turn made me feel confident and capable. I remember just being, I remember the freedom and I remember the creativity that came with that freedom.

Fast forward to 2019. I’ve been living in beautiful New Zealand for 14 years and I’m married to my wonderful (and I mean that, you’ll see) Chilean/Australian husband Rod. We live in a lovely townhouse in central Auckland with our 4 daughters (aged 7, 4 and 4 (twins) and 2) and I found myself asking how can I gift this freedom of uninterrupted time and space to play, learn and grow to my children?

Earlier this year I found myself on the Conscious Kids training programme. Everything I was feeling about being outside as a child myself and what it gave me was real, this was actually a “thing”. The training programme lighted a spark for me, and so my journey begins…

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  1. Loving this blog Sara! Your words ring so true with our young days of freedom. Encouraging a similar experience for the girls is so wonderful – creating beautiful full rich strong personalities. X x x x


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