Parent Perspective: How to be a Nature Play Advocate

Growing up in the 80’s in a small country town in the UK, I have many childhood memories of running down by the river, mucking around by the salt marshes, riding my bike around the block until the street lights came on, “knocking” for friends to come and play a few streets away, visiting local forests with a group of kids (all of us under 10 years old with the youngest being 3!!) going on adventures for hours and doing many of these things with little to no adult supervision. I can remember how I felt and what this freedom gave me. I felt trusted and responsible which in turn made me feel confident and capable. I remember just being, I remember the freedom and I remember the creativity that came with that freedom.

Fast forward to 2019… I’m living in a lovely townhouse in central Auckland with 4 daughters (aged 7, 4 and 4 (twins) and 2) I ask myself how can I gift this freedom of time and space to play and holistically learn to my children?

I’d heard about Conscious Kids an outdoor learning programme for children ages 5 to 12. They run school holiday programmes, one day week programmes and other programmes designed specifically for schools. Their ethos and purpose connected with me immediately and we decided to try a day of the school holiday programme over the summer holidays. My eldest daughter, loved it. We spent most of the summer holidays outside like many other families and I just noticed how much happier the children were and how much more connected they were to themselves, each other and us as a family unit.

As back to school fast approached and the weather continued to get better I wanted Miss 7 to carry on with this freedom of play. I discussed the one day programme with my husband and we agreed this would be a fantastic option for us to try for a term to compliment her schooling.

I knew this had to be agreed by the principal so I got working on my email and asked if we could trial one term. I am so thankful our school principal was supportive and viewed Miss 7’s enrolment of the Conscious Kids one day programme as a “dual enrolment” which is recognised by the ministry.

It was important to me that this day wasn’t viewed as a “day off school” so with discussion from our principal I wrote a “review” each week on her day Conscious Kids and included photos so her teachers and our principal knew what she had be doing and what she was learning.  Linking my reviews back to the curriculum so they could also see the connection and also be able to engage with her about her day. The feedback from both her teachers and the principal was extremely positive and it gave them all a greater insight in to the benefits of child led play outside.

Shortly after Miss 7 started the one day programme, my curiosity and desire for more knowledge (especially raising 4 girls) found me on the Conscious Kids training workshops.  What I learnt on the workshop resonated with me and took me back to all those feelings as a child, the connection I had with this way of learning was profound. Being the only parent that was not a trained teacher on the course gave me a greater understanding to the way children learn, the teaching profession itself and the challenges our teachers face. As a parent to 4 girls this information was validation of what I knew deep down. Hearing from influential speakers attending the workshop was invaluable and inspiring.

After completing the workshop I started volunteering on the Conscious Kids one day programme in term 2. Having learnt the theory and then have the opportunity to see it in action well, I was in awe of the children and what they were achieving outside. I was able to take my two 4 year old daughters with me on the programme and to see their development as the weeks progressed was like magic. The freedom of uninterrupted play gave them the time to get a spark and smoke when trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass (and believe me it took some time!); that feeling for them was incredibly powerful. Their observation of the older children inspired them try different things without eachother. This gave them confidence in themselves as individuals. These are just two of the many experiences that have enabled them to feel like they are capable. I began sharing what they were doing on their days at Conscious Kids with their pre-school which sparked interest and discussion on opportunities where they could be doing more with the children. 

Halfway through term 2 of this year I was invited by our school principal and deputy principal to meet and discuss some ideas on what they can be doing as a school to have more outdoor learning. We discussed a number of ideas and the following week I was able to take one of the Directors from Conscious Kids for a wider discussion. The school is already on a good path for outdoor learning so being able to be part of enhancing their journey for outdoor play for children is one step closer to making a difference. We’re talking and planning for more.

I do believe as parents we have an important role on how we can bring awareness to everyone around us for more time and space outside for our children.

So, here are my learnings on my journey so far:


Absorb and take the information that’s out there.

Read blogs and articles, listen to podcasts, follow people doing great things in this space and find out who the outdoor educators are in your area and in NZ. Go to workshops if you’re able to or hear influencers speak. Understand what child led play based learning really is and what the adults role is. Take some of your learnings and practice on your children, take them outside and just watch and observe.

Meet like minded people

Join a nature playgroup or Playcentre if you can, they are out there. Its inspiring to meet likeminded parents you can share ideas with and learn from. The nature playgroup I go to once a week with my 2 year old has been great for information sharing and ideas raising my girls as well as meeting some lovely mummy’s and daddy’s. My daughter and I look forward to it every week!


Tell your stories.

Share what your children have been doing outside and what they’ve learnt. They don’t have to be doing a one day programme it could be something they love to do at home. Being able to recognise learnings from their outdoor play and sharing it with their teachers gives a greater understanding of the child they’re teaching and what they are capable of. These stories provide connection for your child and teacher and can also provide an opening for teachers to discuss these adventures with you. A number of schools have apps that they share information and messages on and there is usually a space where you can share a story on your child only the teacher can view… failing that send them an email and include photos if you can.


Have your reasons, know your “why”?

There are so many benefits to outside child led play based learning the research is all there. It can be challenging to cover it in passing to a fellow parent or teacher in the school playground who asks “why does your child do one day at Conscious Kids?” or “what does your child get out of having time outdoors”. For me personally, its giving my children uninterrupted time and space outside to do what interests them in their own time at their own pace; free from bells, set timetables and schedules. Some parents have other reasons for their child so if you know your “why” you may influence or inspire someone.

Get outside yourself

The benefits of being outside for children is the same benefits for adults – in all weather. Family bush walks, adventures, free play, climbing trees, local regional parks – so good for your soul. Invite your friends and their children along and set up some experiences. You could throw an outdoor birthday party, maybe even do it in the winter or the rain – push yourself outside that comfort zone, its great feeling once you’ve done it!!

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